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BEE Certification

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BEE Certification

BEE does both regulatory and promotional activities. As part of regulatory activities it does following:

A BEE-rating certificate is a document that indicates a company’s level of BEE compliance. A level one contributor is the highest achievable status and the lowest level of BEE compliance is level eight. The higher the BEE status level, the stronger a company is in relation to its competition. Companies should aim to achieve a higher status level annually. Greater the number of STARS better is the performance. It is an added sales point by creating an edge over others.

How to get BEE Certification in India?

Role of a BEE Certification

Role of A

BEE Certification

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Why does a company need a BEE-rating certificate?

To demonstrate their degree of BEE certification, a company needs a certificate with their BEE rating. Indicators like the company's turnover, the percentage of black ownership, and the overall BEE status are included in the certificate.

The certificate has a one-year expiration date and is renewed annually depending on documentation of BEE implementation throughout the measuring period. A corporation must have a current BEE-rating certificate in order to do business with municipalities, government agencies, and any state-owned enterprises as of December 7, 2011, according to a decision by the minister of finance. A legitimate BEE-rating certificate must be submitted, or the applicant will be disqualified. Businesses can deduct the cost of purchasing from BEE-compliant suppliers by using their BEE-rating certificate. Companies must purchase from BEE certified suppliers in order to receive credit for BEE procurement expenses. Your clients will search for a supplier who complies with BEE standards if you don't have a BEE-rating certificate. Companies should strive to acquire and maintain a level one rating.

Major Activities of BEE

BEE engages in both promotional and regulatory operations. It performs the following as part of regulatory activities:

It creates a labelling system for appliances and defines performance standards for them. This requirement includes the star rating of numerous appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, pumps, water heaters, etc.

• They create building and industry energy efficiency codes.

• They authorise individuals to conduct energy audits, such as Energy Managers and Energy Auditors.

• They establish standards for energy usage.

• They engage in the following promotional activities:

• Develop advertising campaigns for initiatives raising awareness of energy efficiency, star ratings, and other issues.

• Plan and coordinate training sessions for those capable of working on energy efficiency projects.

• Create procedures for testing and certification and support testing facilities.

• Encourage novel means of financing energy efficiency projects.

• Provide funding to organisations that support the efficient use of energy and its conservation.

• Create teaching materials about conserving energy and using it wisely.

About the BEE Star Rating Program

As previously indicated, BEE establishes the criteria and labels for star ratings for various appliances. They also specify how all types of appliances are tested and certified. When manufacturers create a new model and want their product to be certified, they test the appliance in accordance with the BEE-designed protocols and submit an application for star certification using the results of the tests. BEE assigns appliances a star rating based on the test results. BEE frequently updates the certification requirements and criteria. Contact the SS Global services team right now to learn more about the BEE star rating programme.

How to get BEE Certification in India?

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