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IMEI Registration

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IMEI Registration

Our lives and business practices are increasingly dependent on mobile devices. We must ensure their safety and security as our reliance on these devices grows. IMEI registration is one method for accomplishing this.

How to get IMEI Certification in India?


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What is IMEI Rgistration

The process of registering the IMEI of each handset that a mobile manufacturer or importer produces or imports with a centralized database is known as IMEI registration. If a handset is lost or stolen, it can be identified and blocked, rendering it inoperable on any network.

As a result, registering an IMEI is essential to the fight against phone theft and safeguards consumers and businesses. It reduces the likelihood of consumers becoming victims of crime by providing consumers with peace of mind that their handset can be blocked in the event that it is lost or stolen. It helps businesses safeguard their mobile assets and ensure that employees can remain connected even if their handsets are stolen or lost.

IMEI registration is a necessary step for any manufacturer or importer because it is an easy and effective way to protect mobile phones and their users.

Why is IMEI Registration Required?

In many nations, all importers and manufacturers of mobile devices are required to register their IMEIs. This is because it offers consumers and businesses a valuable service. It ensures that customers can use their devices with confidence and helps businesses avoid losses.

Any mobile importer or manufacturer must have an IMEI Registration certificate for the following reasons:

1 It checks to ensure that the imported or manufactured mobile devices meet international standards.

2 In the event of loss or theft, it aids in the tracking and tracing of mobile devices.

3 It makes it possible for telecom providers to identify and block devices that are counterfeit or stolen.

4 It protects consumers by ensuring that networks can only be used by devices with valid IMEI numbers.

How to get IMEI Certification in India?

Following information is required for IMEI Registration:

1. Office address: B-1/630, 2nd floor, Janakpuri, Delhi -58,

2. Register Address: F-38 Vishnu Garden New Delhi 110018,

3. Second address : H.B Twin Tower 8th Floor Above Max Hospital  Netaji Subhash Place New Delhi 110034,

4. Suite: 805, Floor: 8, Block A, Automobile Mansion, 45 Zhenhua  Road, Huaqiang North Area, Futian, Shenzhen 518031, China.

5. Office number 606, Nandan Probiz, opposite to R. K Laxman Museum, Laxman Nagar, Balewadi Pune - 411045

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