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No Objection Certificate from DPIIT for Flux Cored Electrodes, Alloy Wheels, Pipes and Tubes etc.

As per BIS norms, the steel products which are compulsory to be certified must bear ISI Mark on them. The major motive of ISI Mark is to provide Zero defect products and steel products of superior quality. However, there are some products that are still exempted from mandatory certification. These steel products only require a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) for Import and customs clearance.

Mandatory For Flux Cored Electrodes, Alloy Wheels, Pipes and Tubes etc.

The Ministry of Steel has introduced the Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Order 2024, as part of the BIS Act, 2016. This order is periodically issued to encompass more steel grades and related products. Under this Quality Control Order, all imported steel products must possess BIS certification, along with a Mill Test Certificate. They should also bear markings indicating ISI and the BIS license number.

To facilitate the issuance of clarifications to importers, the Department has established a dedicated email facility. Importantly, it is now mandatory for all importers to apply and request clarification for each and every consignment imported into the country without BIS certification through this dedicated channel. It's worth noting that the Department issues clarifications for each individual import consignment. Importers are required to submit fresh applications through the email for every consignment, unless otherwise specified in the clarification provided.


A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a certificate that is necessary for imported goods that have different specifications. If the properties of product  grade/product do not fall under the purview of mandatory BIS list for Steel and Steel Products or other categories, the Department issues exemption/clarification/NOC on the consignment coming to India.

In some circumstances, a product's code implies to customs that BIS registrations are necessary - yet they are not. Furthermore, customs officials may confuse "similar" products with those covered by "required certification," resulting in needless delays in consignment clearance and significant penalties.

To avoid delays and penalties, you must get a "No Objection Certificate" (NOC) from BIS stating that the given product is not covered under mandatory BIS Certification. NOC will be granted by DPIIT on per grade per consignment basis.


The Ministry of Steel has constituted a Technical Committee for examination and analysis of the applications received for the issuance of clarifications, whether the products are covered under the purview of the Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Order, 2020. NOC will be granted by MOS on a per grade per consignment basis.

Type of Request:

1) For clarification in Advance (before ordering the material)
2) For the material is in transit
3) For the material reaches the port of destination

For applications seeking “Clarification in Advance” The application should include the following information;
For applications in which the material is in transit,

In addition to the above, all relevant documents viz. Invoice, Bill of lading, Actual Mill Test Certificates, Insurance copy, etc. shall be submitted consignment-wise.

For applications in which the material reaches the port of destination

In addition to the above documents Bill of Entry, if generated is also required to be submitted. The covering letter of the application should also include the following consignmentwise information, and all documents should be properly flagged for reference;

How to get NOC DPIIT Certificate?

Benefits of having a NOC DPIIT Certificate

Benefits of having A

NOC DPIIT Certification

What SS Global do?


SS Global

Do ?

As you are all aware, BIS Certification is required for steel and steel products; nevertheless, if the product is identical but its properties are different, you would be unable to export your goods to India. NOC is required for this. It is not easy to enter your product into India. For this, you have to fulfill different formalities like Ministry of Steel require all following documents

  • Product specification
  • Test Reports
  • Declarations
  • Bill of Landing
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Other supporting documents with a fee


How to get NOC DPIIT Certificate?

Process of NOC Registration is divided in three steps:

Process of 

NOC Registration

is divided in three steps:

1. Office address: B-1/630, 2nd floor, Janakpuri, Delhi -58,

2. Register Address: F-38 Vishnu Garden New Delhi 110018,

3. Second address : H.B Twin Tower 8th Floor Above Max Hospital  Netaji Subhash Place New Delhi 110034,

4. Suite: 805, Floor: 8, Block A, Automobile Mansion, 45 Zhenhua  Road, Huaqiang North Area, Futian, Shenzhen 518031, China.

5. Office number 606, Nandan Probiz, opposite to R. K Laxman Museum, Laxman Nagar, Balewadi Pune - 411045

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